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Mission Statement

Promote and inform the electorate through political education;

Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation;

Facilitate cooperation among women's Republican Clubs;

Foster loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its ideals;

Work for the election of the Republican Party's nominees, especially women candidates, and to recruit women to run for elected office.

(Adapted from the Bylaws of the National Federation of Republican Women)

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The Minutemen and Today

I have recently read a couple of books regarding the Revolutionary War, and the birth of our great nation.

We are all familiar with Longfellow’s poem, “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”. The only problem with it is, it wasn’t just Paul Revere who rode as a minuteman. There were dozens and dozens of men and even some women who rode. Their purpose was to warn the Colonists that the British were coming. The Colonists were concerned that their liberties and freedoms were being suppressed. They wanted to protect their families, homes, liberties, freedoms and religion. “To Arms!, To Arms!” was the warning cry of the Colonists.

The Yamhill County Republican Women are modern day minutemen. We warn and teach, through speakers and upcoming legislation discussion. We warn that any straying from our Constitution, could lead to a loss of those same principles that we and the Colonists hold dear.

We invite all Republican Women, who have the desire to become involved, who love our country, have the desire to maintain our nations independence, and to help keep our country great, to come join us!

The Revolutionary War was a war that the Colonist should never have won! The inexperienced, underfunded, unhealthy at times, Continental Army fought against the most powerful army/navy in the world! If it weren’t for the financial help from the French and the Netherlands, along with the military help from France, plus the hand of God, the outcome would have been different! 

When you look at all the reasons why the impossible happened, it is because ordinary people became involved and did extraordinary things. Every person is important in the cause of freedom.

At this time, I would like to express my gratitude for living in this blessed nation. My heart is full of thankfulness at having such a dedicated man who sacrificed so much for our country while being President. While the election outcome isn’t what I had hoped for, it isn’t a time to sit back and rest either. This is the time to become the minutemen/women of our time. We are being called to teach the blessings of our Constitution, and the divine birth of our nation. Please come join us and become a voice of freedom!

Thank you for your Patriotism,


Lynda Gipson

President YCRW


Ann Scharf

Elected Representative for HD23

Next Months Meeting:

 We meet at The American Legion at 11:30 am

Every 2nd Thursday of the month

Please enjoy the fairs that are open with your family!

Our regular monthly meetings are on the 2nd Thursday at American Legion Post 21

11:30 Business Meeting

12:00 Guest Speaker (no-host lunch)

One Spring meeting and one Fall meeting are held in the evenings (location TBA)

6:30 Business Meting

7:00 Guest Speaker (no-host dinner)

July:  No meeting (meet us at all the town festivals and the Yamhill County Fair!)

August: Annual family barbeque (date & location TBA)

December:  Annual family Christmas Party (date and location TBA)


Please e-mail for up-to-date changes


Meetings and Locations

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