Since its founding in 2014, the YCRW has worked closely with the Oregon Federation of Republican Women to promote the principles of freedom and limited government as stated in the Republican party platforms, both Nationally and in the State of Oregon.

Our mission of educating the electorate is exemplified in the types and quality of speakers at our monthly meetings.  Each community event we attend gives us the opportunity to share educational materials, sample citizenship tests, and pocket Constitutions with the public.


The YCRW works loosely with the Yamhill County Republican Party in its efforts to recruit and support Republicans seeking public office at all levels of Government; National State, County, and Local.

I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person's freedom, ability, and opportunity, must be responsibly honored and protected.

I BELIEVE in equal rights, justice, and opportunity for all, regardless of race, religion, creed, sex, age, or disability.

I BELIEVE free enterprise and individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth, and prosperity.

I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

I BELIEVE the proper, Constitutional, role of government is to provide the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations and that the best government is the government which governs least.

I BELIEVE the most effective, responsible, and responsive government is government closest to the people.

I BELIEVE Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to proactively meet the challenges of changing times.

I BELIEVE Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom, and human rights throughout the world.

I BELIEVE … the Republican Party most nearly represents traditional family values and Constitutional principles and is currently the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful functions of government.

I am a Republican because:
by Jim Crawford

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."